Reclining Figure, Fine Art Figurative Nude Bronze sculpture by Robert Cunningham

Reclining Figure

Reclining Figure 2001: Bronze, 16” x 6” x 6” Karen is a model living in Los Angeles who is simply a delight to sculpt. No matter the pose, studied or spontaneous, the result is a continuously rhythmic composition.

A moment, Fine Art Figurative Marble sculpture of a couple by Robert Cunningham

A moment

A Moment although of short duration may be far more profound than much longer periods of time. In this instance harmony and peace are expressed in a cubic foot of Carrara Marble

Awakening figurative sculpture by sculptor Robert Cunningham bronze fine art


Awakening, it’s easy not to. When you awake you find many things clinging to you and you clinging to them, the difference is now you see and can make a choice.

Two Ways

William Blake: Without contraries there is no progression. Attraction and repulsion, reason and energy, love and hate, are necessary to human existence. Created with Blender software and 3-d printed with coated PLA filament